"MR - Mixed Reality (the industry term for VR/AR/etc) has transformed our collective consciousness, allowing us to delve into worlds that were once unreachable or figments of our imaginations. These evolving technologies are offering an endless array of opportunities for students, entrepreneurs, and creators to develop content through interactive stories while building sustainable and profitable businesses." - David Walsh, Emerge Studios 
The workshops created by Amanda were designed to take the individual from 0 to 60. She has combined first-hand industry experience with a hands-on learning approach to create a long-lasting experience and inspire you to, confidently, take your first steps into the immersive tech industry. 
Learn from Industry Pros!

Choose from the different workshops below:


How do I make money?

In this workshop we deep dive into

how to set up and launch your own LBE Popup.



Overview of what gear you will need. Headsets, sync-start software. Line and ticket management, etc. 



Take a look at my top software recommendations and how I used them in actual LBE setups. 


Space Design 

Learn how to create a space that brings the audience into your experience long before they put on a headset. 


Content Curation 

Overview on how to curate content. How much you can expect to spend. Where to find content hacks.Etc. 


Attendee Management 

Learn how to manage the public. Safety times. Disclaimers the audiences needs to know about. Etc. 


 Pricing and Partnership

Learn how much you can earn. What peoples are charging. Learning about partnerships with other businesses as well as content creators. 

This workshop is 1 day and can be adjusted based on the length of time and or the experience level of the audience. 


This workshop assumes that the audience has some basic knowledge of the immersive(VR, XR) Industry. 


This is the perfect introduction to the immersive tech industry. In this talk, we go over the basics.  


What is Immersive Tech (VR, XR)?

Overview of gear

Over view of Crew

Overview of the production process

Hands On Training 

Attendees will create a VR Short film and then the  group will set up a their own LEB Popup. 

This workshop is 1- 5 full days. Content is adjusted based on workshop length and experience level of attendees 


Now more than ever is the perfect time to start a business. The immersive industry is only one way to capitalize on the vast amount of opportunities to become an entrepreneur.


In this workshop we breakdown the process step-by step and show you what it takes to take your business ideas from concept to completion. 

The Module Include :

Ideation and Creative Development

How to articulate your vision in a way that is simple and easily communicated. 

Project Development 

How to breakdown your project and road map the best way to get there.

Project Breakdown

software and processes that help you create potential budgets (ballpark) and the potential schedules (ballpark). 


Small Business Efficiency Hack

 Highlights my top tools you need to get up and running quickly.


This workshop is 1- 5 full days. Content is adjusted based on workshop length and experience level of attendees  


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